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There are two types of public service that we currently offer. These public services would be promoted though printing, e-marketing and Audio/visual marketing. A brief layout of the proposed marketing plan is discussed later on.

Premium Service: Premium services are those services, which costs more than the usual rate of BDT 2.30. The premium Services Includes
  • Ring tone: Bangla, Hindi and English Ringtones in Mono and poly format which can be downloaded and used as ring tone. We currently have a data base of over 600 ring tones and the number is increasing
  • Logo Download: We currently have 500 different designs of logo and wallpaper and it is increasing
  • Caller Ring Back Tune (CRBT): We are a proud CRBT provider to Citycell and we are recently going into contract as CRBT provider with the rest of the Telecom companies. We have huge database of about 1300 songs collections in Bangla, Hindi and English. We are in the process of getting Exclusive copy write contract with Hanguma and PPL of India, who provides more than 95% of copy writes to songs, wallpaper, logos and games related to Bollywood releases.

Standard Services: Standard services are those, which don't charge any premium to user. These services can be one time service or subscription based. One time service would generate a single time SMS for each request and the subscription will generate periodic (daily/weekly/monthly/hourly) SMS once subscribed for an unlimited period until the subscription is cancelled by the user. Among the wide range of standard service, some prominent services and displayed below
  • Jokes: We have a rich data base of jokes and the database would be regularly updated
  • Horoscope
  • Love Calculator: This simple mechanism of love measuring technique has a proven track record of pulling large number of customers
  • Daily Quote
  • Recipe
  • Jobs
  • SMS Bidding: We had a program running on ATN Banglanamed 'Shopner Moto Phone' which used to generate huge amount of bidding SMS while the program was on air. We have plans to reactivate those types of programs in the near future.
  • SMS voting
  • Opinion Poll: We had an opinion poll running on the Independent newspaper.
  • Quiz: We have arranged a lot of quiz competitions and on TV and newspapers. Mentionable are "Horlicks Genius Bangladesh" on NTV, IT quiz on Naya Digonto newspaper. We have launched a highly successful World Cup Cricket 2007 Quiz games which was promoted on newspaper. That was a different type of quiz games where the users could simulate a game a cricket by scoring runs and loosing wickets through a planned quiz system. We are planning to launch similar quiz contest on the coming Indian Premier League (IPL) which would be promoted on TV channels.
  • Info Service
  • Telemedicine
  • SMS Social Network: A database of interested males and females seeking friends. They can send SMS and get numbers and info of other participants and create their social network.
  • SSC/HSC/BSC/NU Result: We participated in providing result of SSC in 2006 which proved to be successful.
  • Other Push/Pull Services like Stock Report from Stock Exchange, Contests, Greetings, events reminders, birthday reminders, scheduler, romantic/friendship/love/inspirational/sarcastic/advisory messages.
  • Event Based SMS games


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